Jaune Magazine

Celebrating incredible creative women. Jaune Magazine publishes the creativity, ideas, products and collaborations we have with the immensely talented and visionary women we work with, as well as the work + stories of other women who inspire us!

The pages of Jaune Magazine are filled with the creative output of vastly talented female entrepreneurs, artists, photographers, musicians, writers, and experimenters, as well as profiles and stories about the women involved.

Submissions for Issue No. 3 are OPEN!

Submission Guidelines

We are on a constant mission to elevate and promote inspiring creative work by women, and the stories of those women.

We publish:

  1. Collections of photos taken by women. Submit your creative photography, and tell us about it.
  2. Photos of non-photographic creative work by women (could be fashion design, artwork, dance, installation, etc.) Send us creative photos of your work and tell us about it. Bonus points if the photographer capturing your work is also a woman!
  3. Featured women. The stories of incredible creative women entrepreneurs, artists, writers, storytellers, visionaries, or otherwise inspiring women in the creative field. Send us unique portraits of the woman and tell us about her!

Note: You may submit work under 1 or 2, and submit yourself for a 3 feature as well. Specify this in your submission email.

If you are a female creative who would like to be featured, we'd love to hear from you! Jaune will review all submissions, and reserves the rights to accept or deny any submission received. We're looking to publish high quality images in fashion, art, and creative portrait (ideal for features on women).

What to submit:

Tell us if you're submitting under option 1, 2 or 3 (see submission guidelines).

Provide a brief written explanation of your collection, work, and/or featured woman. Include a title with your explanation.

Send 6 - 10 low-resolution images (either as separate JPEGS or in one PDF attached to an email) for Jaune Magazine to review.

Once approved, you will be sent a questionnaire interview and asked to email the following content in a single email to

  1. Written response to questionnaire. 
  2. Any captions for photos.
  3. Team member credits (Name, Position/Role, Instagram handle).
  4. Submit .zip file of images to through email or we-transfer link.
  5. All images provided, hi-resolution, 300dpi RGB (JPEG or TIFF).


    As a contributor, all the images you submit for any issue of Jaune Magazine must be copyright free. Submitted works must be entirely created by you, and you must be the authentic copyright holder. If copyright infringement is discovered, you will be responsible for all the legal consequences under all circumstances regardless of Jaune Magazine’s awareness or not.

    Jaune Magazine has the right to use, enlarge, reduce and/or crop the original photograph for optimal page layouts throughout the magazine.

    Jaune Magazine is a self-published magazine. It is hosted on, available to purchase in print or to download as a PDF. Free copies of an issue are not available. Digital (PDF) tear sheets are available upon request from submitter only.

    Not all submissions are guaranteed to be featured in the publication. Editors reserve all rights on selections.

    Image for the cover is selected by Jaune Magazine.